About Me
Born in Ancona, Italy, I graduated in history and philosophy and now work as a freelance journalist. I have been a travel writer for thirty years. I began with sea travel, and mainly underwater. From 1983 to 1988 I was a special correspondent and then chief editor of Qui Touring. I was then head of Atlante from 1988 to 1992, and Idesigned and wrote new editorials projects. From 1997 to 2000 I was consultant at the Camel Trophy press office. After travelling widely for a while, writing mainly about adventure and exploration, in recent years I have focused on Asian geopolitics and culture. I am now based in Bangkok, with various trips to places ranging from Australia to China. I write travel guides and books.

What I am doing here
What am I doing here? How many times have I heard that question? Almost always at the wrong time or for the mere pleasure of quoting the title and incipit of Bruce Chatwin’s best known novel. But that’s exactly why we ask it. Because it’s a good way to start a story. Even mine. The bottom rung of society is also a good place for writing. This is where I write stories, notes, impressions and ideas that are the inevitable consequence of my work and travels. Sometimes they are fragments of articles or bits of a story, which may turn up in other stories I haven't yet written. Here generally means South-East Asia. But elsewhere too. It’s an ‘elsewhere’ that can be found anywhere and anytime. These are the dregs of society, the backwaters, where trouble and hardship are never far off, but neither are adventure, curiosity and nomadism. I observe these places from the inside and from the outside. They are places that, when you're in them, you know why, but often you daren’t admit it..

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